Turtle Rock Studios Shows Image Of Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood remains in evolution and with one image its made clear that the zombie horde is a threat beyond what excited fans may be expecting.

Turtle Rock does not make any overt promises that more of Back 4 Blood is going to be shown soon, but in its Twitter answers, it will state that if enough people then Turtle Rock may consider it.

Back in March 2019, Turtle Rock Studios announced it had been back, cooperating with Warner Bros. on a game titled Back 4 Blood.

Other than confirming that Back 4 Blood, like Left 4 Dead Hope is clearly a location within Back 4 Blood, a human base used to defend against the zombie horde. In the foreground of this concept artwork, there are all sorts of barricades and trenches.

The trees have barbed wire on these, perhaps hinting that they would be otherwise climbed by zombies. Several zombie corpses lay around, also. It is not a pretty sight.

A message on Turtle Rock’s official Twitter accounts, the studio says Getting for the 4th of July was tough on us, therefore we wanted to offer you a sneak peek and a bit of Hope. The picture, pun intended, reveals a ramshackle post-apocalypse base with the word”HOPE” spray-painted onto it.

Before it, is a 4-player co-op FPS zombie game, details remain scant. Now, a year after, Turtle Rock has launched its very first teaser picture for Back 4 Blood.

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