Square Enix Filed For Live A Live Trademark In Australia

The trademark is notable as there have never been any recent movements surrounding the 26-year-old release, and the name was not made available outside Japan.

It’s only through enthusiast translation while the game is playable in English now. She was released in September 1994, back when Square Enix was known as Square and collaborated with Nintendo to make one of Mario’s more quirky experiences.

Live A Live is an RPG that had lots of ambitious concepts and was the directorial debut of Chrono Trigger manager Takashi Tokita.

One of the most notable of these concepts is that before having them play two final scenarios that tie the tales together, players play through seven seemingly unrelated stories. It’s the theory players today might be more acquainted with through games like Octopath Traveler.

The several stories all take place in different periods, like a chapter in prehistoric times where everyone speaks in pictures and pantomime, a Bakumatsu-era (1850’s Japan) chapter that motivates players to be stealthy and avoid killing humans, along with a more story-focused chapter in the distant future in which 2001: A Space Oddysey meets Alien.

Live A Live is an RPG published for Super Famicom in September 1994 in Japan and the directorial debut of Chrono Trigger director Takashi Tokita.

Live A Live was also released for Wii U as a Virtual Console title in June 2015, followed by the 3DS as a Virtual Console title in November 2016.

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