New River City Game Is In Development

River City Girls, WayForward’s scrolling beat-em-up that upgrades the River City Ransom series, is obtaining a followup. After Limited Run Games flow, WayForward States they Do not have any information to share, Which showed variations of games WayForward tweeted being in the functions.

But there’ll be updates in the long run. But one detail was explained by a follow-up tweet.

Back in April, an upgrade to River City Girls included a new covert end for many gamers, bringing it in line with the PC version. The very first game was launched on the PC, Change, PS4, and Xbox One.

The first game has been perfect. Thus a followup is welcome news. Arc System Works oversaw the battle in the first.

When requested by one enthusiast, if this supposed DLC was forthcoming, WayForward reacted. This is another project, maybe not DLC. The game is recorded as River City Girls 0 Limited Run Games’ website. Therefore it is probably a prequel.

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