Final Fantasy 9 Developer Wants To Continue The Story

This would be enormously appreciated by fans searching into a few of the mysteries surrounding the sport, such as characters such as Ozma and Necron’s source for more answers.

With this much of the game’s message about purpose and death explained so flawlessly, a number of the dangling threads that feed fan discussions might be a great place.

Once the series had been moving out of fantasy to science, It is hard to say that Final Fantasy 9 See where the developers can take the game’s future.

In this interview, Itahana spoke on lots of topics involved in the game’s development, in addition to a lingering desire to expand on the already lore filled title.

Has given considerable insight into the development of the game and the intentions of the programmers.

While the game may not be obtaining a Final Fantasy 7 style remake, it appears as it could be running for some sort of expansion on the story.

Further, with names in the series such as Final Fantasy 7 Remake currently developing brand new stories within the game’s world, inclusion on the show’ last hurrah on PlayStation isn’t out of the question.

Re-releases through platforms like Steam and Xbox Game Walk, fiction. Additionally, with fans, The foundation is more extensive than ever.

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