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New River City Game Is In Development

By Stacy Hanson / July 11, 2020

River City Girls, WayForward’s scrolling beat-em-up that upgrades the River City Ransom series, is obtaining a followup. After Limited Run Games flow, WayForward States they Do not have any information to share, Which showed variations of games WayForward tweeted being in the functions. But there’ll be updates in the long run. But one detail was […]


Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 Now In Works

By Peter Schneider / July 11, 2020

Apparently, the sequel has turned into large attention over at Square Enix, Even though the season is far from over, it is already safe to say Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a Game of the Year competition. The meeting by sending a message that is touching with the manufacturer, to enthusiasts Subsequently, fans are clamoring […]


Adventures Of Chris Platformer Coming For Switch

By Lillian Cox / July 10, 2020

Produced in a cartoon style that imitates the hand-drawn appearance of’90s animations, Adventures of Chris is a Megaman matches Captain Planet 9 places all around the world. Apparently the entire world was taken over Rambo-style penguins by ninja cats, and much more. In accordance with this 2D platformer that seems like a blend of fun […]


Turtle Rock Studios Shows Image Of Back 4 Blood

By Carl Kodadek / July 9, 2020

Back 4 Blood remains in evolution and with one image its made clear that the zombie horde is a threat beyond what excited fans may be expecting. Turtle Rock does not make any overt promises that more of Back 4 Blood is going to be shown soon, but in its Twitter answers, it will state […]


Shovel Knight Dev Is Working On A 3D Project Right Now

By Stacy Hanson / July 9, 2020

The Work page Doesn’t provide And listings for hires imply that at least one match in creation is going to be a 3D name. They also have, although this is important not only is that the programmer famous for their 2D games. Known 2D jobs currently on the background at Yacht Club Games comprise Shovel […]


Halo 3 Releasing For PC On July 14th

By Peter Schneider / July 8, 2020

Master Chief teams up to end the water between the Covenant and humankind. 343 Industries has declared that Halo 3 will probably be arriving at PC on July 14th. Each the classic gameplay features such as the 24 Forge multiplayer maps and Theater and much more have made the jump. The wings, causing havoc Much […]


Mafia Definitive Edition Delayed

By Lillian Geil / July 8, 2020

Pre-ordering either the Mafia Trilogy or Definitive Edition will get It also proceeds to thank fans for their patience and for supporting the show together with the already-released Definitive Editions of Mafia 2 and Mafia 3. Instead of the previously declared August 28, the match will now come on September 25. Developer Those two were […]


Microsoft Is Interested In Acquisition Of Warner Bros Gaming Division

By Lillian Cox / July 7, 2020

According to The Information, two sources have confirmed that Microsoft is indeed considering buying WarnerMedia’s video game division Major development teams like Obsidian Entertainment, Double Fine Productions, As it tries to expand the line-up of inner developers at Xbox Games Studios. As stated by the site’s sources, the sale isn’t imminent, since AT&T remains figuring […]


Rockstar Might Be Working On A VR AAA Open World Game

By Carl Kodadek / July 7, 2020

Another possibility is a VR mode for Grand Theft Auto 6, which, as per reports, is Rockstar are presently in the middle of developing. Reality isn’t a Distance That Lots of developers have gone into What it’s that they’re working on is a mystery for the time being. The likeliest option seems to be a […]

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