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Popular Platformer Celeste Is Coming To Google Stadia

By Lillian Cox / July 16, 2020

Google Stadia is a cloud game streaming service that launched in November 2019 to a lot of excitement. Madeline venturing to attempt to get to the top is seen by it. There is a lot along with her fears that are manifested by also the mountain. On the way, she will encounter different personalities by […]


Marvel VS Capcom 4 And Street Fighter 6 Are In Development

By Lillian Cox / July 13, 2020

Capcom is rumored to be working on both Marvel VS Capcom 4 and Street Fighter 6. Professional fighting game player FChamp, whose Capcom recently baned competition, revealed the news in a current stream. Sees Capcom running Street Fighter 5 for 18 months or more than two decades, but it might be longer depending on the […]


Adventures Of Chris Platformer Coming For Switch

By Lillian Cox / July 10, 2020

Produced in a cartoon style that imitates the hand-drawn appearance of’90s animations, Adventures of Chris is a Megaman matches Captain Planet 9 places all around the world. Apparently the entire world was taken over Rambo-style penguins by ninja cats, and much more. In accordance with this 2D platformer that seems like a blend of fun […]


Microsoft Is Interested In Acquisition Of Warner Bros Gaming Division

By Lillian Cox / July 7, 2020

According to The Information, two sources have confirmed that Microsoft is indeed considering buying WarnerMedia’s video game division Major development teams like Obsidian Entertainment, Double Fine Productions, As it tries to expand the line-up of inner developers at Xbox Games Studios. As stated by the site’s sources, the sale isn’t imminent, since AT&T remains figuring […]