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D3 Publisher Has Revealed Two New Earth Defense Games

By Carl Kodadek / July 15, 2020

This information should come as a relief to nervous Earth Defense Force lovers, who’ve often had to wait years to get games that are localized. Hopefully, die-hard EDF fans won’t have to wait to translate the first match in the principal series. The catchphrase is residing in the long run of grief. It’s scheduled to […]


Crash Bandicoot Mobile Game Officially Announced

By Carl Kodadek / July 13, 2020

Crash Bandicoot Butobi! The multi-world is currently accessible for pre-registration on Android Google Play and will shortly be pre-registered on iOS as well. Individuals who booked in advance, when the match was published, “Crash Bandicoot Racing Butobi Nitro! Get the blue hyena skin of. Crash And Koko challenge various levels in the area of”Crash” until […]


Turtle Rock Studios Shows Image Of Back 4 Blood

By Carl Kodadek / July 9, 2020

Back 4 Blood remains in evolution and with one image its made clear that the zombie horde is a threat beyond what excited fans may be expecting. Turtle Rock does not make any overt promises that more of Back 4 Blood is going to be shown soon, but in its Twitter answers, it will state […]


Rockstar Might Be Working On A VR AAA Open World Game

By Carl Kodadek / July 7, 2020

Another possibility is a VR mode for Grand Theft Auto 6, which, as per reports, is Rockstar are presently in the middle of developing. Reality isn’t a Distance That Lots of developers have gone into What it’s that they’re working on is a mystery for the time being. The likeliest option seems to be a […]