Adventures Of Chris Platformer Coming For Switch

Produced in a cartoon style that imitates the hand-drawn appearance of’90s animations, Adventures of Chris is a Megaman matches Captain Planet 9 places all around the world.

Apparently the entire world was taken over Rambo-style penguins by ninja cats, and much more.

In accordance with this 2D platformer that seems like a blend of fun and silly, the same as a lot of the entertainment in the decade it’s based on.

Chris, Programmer can up upgraded overtime to obtain strength, and The sports stars a chubby fellow who must whip, Chris Skills, learn new techniques and float and drop his way For lovers of things the ’90s, Graffiti Games and Guin Entertainment have only declared a brand-new game.

Adventures of Chris is headed to the Nintendo Switch and PC shortly. With game modes, programmer commentary, and a comprehensive Backstory with a lot of secrets to explore.

Old college’90s games are famous for their challenge and appeal, but Adventures of Chris will have many difficulty levels, such as”Ridiculously simple,” and”Tough for No Reason.”

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